Practical Recommendations of the Diwan on Environment

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The following practical recommendations should be examined within individual and local possibilities. It should be noted that the purpose of these recommendations is to provide examples, and they may not be suitable for every situation.

  1. Using bicycles or public transportation instead of personal vehicles. If vehicle use is necessary, efforts should be made to reduce fuel consumption.
  2. Opting for second-hand products in cases where the option is available.
  3. Using local options, especially for food shopping.
  4. Separating waste for recycling and creating individual plans to minimize waste production.
  5. Reducing electricity, water, and fuel consumption in our homes, for example, choosing LED bulbs, turning off unused electrical appliances and lights, and using water only as needed.
  6. Avoiding products containing harmful chemicals, for instance, preferring natural ingredients in personal care products.
  7. In mass gatherings, using biodegradable materials like paper or reusable materials like ceramics instead of plastic plates/cups/equipment.
  8. Engaging in activities such as garbage collection, tree planting, and refraining from mowing the lawn in our living areas.
  9. Initiating projects for cleaning the oceans and preserving the natural habitat there.
  10. Adding sections that create environmental awareness to our guidance programs, such as in resources like the “İktisat Risalesi (Frugality Risale)”.
  11. Determining ways to protect our brains from noise pollution.
  12. If we have a business, we should avoid unnecessary packaging and opt for paper instead of plastic.
  13. Choosing carbon-efficient means of transportation for short distances instead of air travel.
  14. Follow the principles of reduce-reuse-recycle.
  15. Reassessing our projects and business models in light of the United Nations published “Sustainable Development Goals”[1].